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It’s easy to take for granted the way art can shape a person. At at Music Hall where an Philharmonic Orchestra is playing you may find someone deeply moved for the beauty of the music; in the same room, a small child may be dreaming to be part of the Orchestra one day; someone in the crowd may feel inspired to create a new piece, a new story or a new painting. Art moves us and makes us want to live, but first it makes us sympathize with our surroundings, and then create.


Art was always present in the life of Jesús Pernalete. He was one of those children who always knew where his talent and passion were, and he never let them go. He grew up between colors and words, between the support of his parents and teachers, and so he found a way to express his temperament, to tell the world what he is: Painting.


By the time he was a teenager, he was already handling techniques and artistic aesthetics, and as a good curious man, he took his course to continue learning new things: he studied art at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas and graduated from the University as a Administration Major. But life was just beginning, and now it was time for him to share his knowledge to make -In his own way- a more colorful and curious world.

Creating and Learning

It’s been 14 years since Creatium began, and although it has evolved over time, it maintains its first essence: it’s a place to learn. Jesús is not a conventional artist; art is not a simple aesthetic form, in it you can find history, geography, architecture; you can understand what people lived before us. You can learn so many incredible things just by paying attention to the details of a painting or any artistic expression, and that’s what Pernalete tries to teach the children who come to his academy.

The project has also managed to get out of its colorful space to take it to the Fe y Alegría Schools, teaching children, parents and teachers through art, making them more curious, more sympathetic to sensitivity and emotions, and to make them discover a little more about the culture and the world. Everything is connected and there are incredible details behind every artwork, and the people of Creatium seek that every child feels the need to learn and be more curious about it.

Not losing the ability to dream is the way to act in Creatium. Jesús Pernalete hopes that all the children who pass through his classroom will keep dreaming. Through small things, it is possible to create something bigger and extraordinary: to make them and ourselves better persons and better citizens of the world.


Creatium: Discovering the world through art

It’s easy to take for granted the way art can shape a person. At at Music Hall where an Philharmonic Orchestra is playing you may find […]